Do Suits Come with Pants and Shirt?

When we talk about men’s wardrobe staples, the suit always comes up. Aside from your basic shirts and pants, a suit is considered a must-have clothing piece. But, do you know what other clothing pieces go with it? Or do you really know anything about this wardrobe staple? If not, we’ve got you covered!

When you buy a suit, it is usually sold as a set of clothes comprising a suit jacket or coat, and trousers or pants, made of the same material. It is commonly worn with a collared dress shirt, necktie, and dress shoes. Men wear this outfit at formal events and settings. But there are more about suits that you should know. If you are interested in knowing some suit stuff, well, suit up, because we will walk you through it.

What Color Suits You

The suit is composed of a suit jacket and pants of the same material and color, as we mentioned above. If you are planning to buy yourself a suit and do not know which one to buy, you should first know what event you will use it? This part is essential because it will make you decide which suit you are going to buy.

Aside from knowing what event you’re going to wear it, finding the right color is important, too. That is why we listed below the basic suit colors that you can actually wear in most, if not all, suit and tie event you’re going to attend.

Navy Blue

Navy blue suit is considered to be men’s wear go-to neutral. It works with every shirt-and-tie combination you can think of and a whole lot more. It is also a wearable color no matter what the event may be. Whether it is a date, attending a wedding, or just a formal office event, a navy-blue suit will never disappoint you.


For formal and casual looks, light grey suits are an outstanding choice. They are youthful, modern, and sharp. For the warmer months, opt for lighter shades as it offers a summary contrast to the black and navy monotony. On the other hand, because light gray can stain very quickly, you may also want to make sure that you keep an eye out for possible dirt stains.


A black suit is said to be the go-to look for many men. But that doesn’t mean it should be for you, too, especially if you work in an office and would love to look stylish. Unlike the first two suit color we listed, the black suit doesn’t suit almost every event or party you’re going to attend. If anything, the only occasions to wear a black suit are weddings or formal events where it’s part of the dress code, or on a more depressing note, at funerals. It would be best if you also took note that black suits are not for daytime wear.

The Suit that Fits

When talking about suits, color isn’t the only thing that you should take seriously, but also it is fit. It is very crucial to find the suit that perfectly fits you. That is why we’ve broken down the things you should take note of for your next suit.


The jacket should lightly hug your midsection with the top button fastened. It should not feel tight or constricting, as well. The jacket shouldn’t also be pulling at the button, as it will tighten the jacket so much.

Now, you can always have a tailor taking in the sides of the jacket if it’s a little bit lose around the stomach/waist region so that it fits properly. It’s easier to have a slightly too large jacket on the body than too small for tailoring purposes.


The length of the suit jacket will determine if your upper body is reciprocal to your lower body. If your jacket length is messed up, then the whole suit is going to look wrong. If you’re under 5’9 in height, the jacket should stop around the mid-crotch. And if you are taller than that, then it should stop at mid to lower.


Another thing remembers about a suit is its sleeves. The jacket sleeves should be about ¼ inch above the top of your hand when you bend your wrist (make sure that your palms are facing the ground).

Just like with its length, if your sleeves are longer, you can always go to your tailor for an easy fix.


When it comes to the button, the jacket’s second button from the bottom of the top button should lie just one inch above your belly-button, not below. Yes, always above, and never below for a perfect fit.

The Pant That Fits

Aside from the suit jacket, your suit pants should also fit you perfectly so you’ll look great with a suit outfit. So how does a pant should fit? Below are the considerations you should know and remember.


One of the most crucial parts of your suit pants is the waist. When looking for pants, remember that it should fit perfectly around your waist with no need for a belt to hold them up. It should also hit around the high hipbone area, or even slightly higher, unlike jeans.


To know if your pants fit you, well, there’s a trick for that. You should be able to pinch around 1 inch of fabric on either side of your thigh. Your pants’ legs should be slim with a slight taper to get narrower towards the ankle.


If you want your suit pants to fit perfectly, then it is a default to have your suit pants hemmed so it could leave a slight break. This will look sharper and better than having a full hem.

The Do’s and Don’ts for Suits

There are some unspoken rules when it comes to suits that you might not know. And to help you wear your suits perfectly, we narrow down some of the do’s and don’ts for your convenience.


  • The last button of your suit jacket should always be open. Why? Well, for aesthetic purposes.
  • If you’re wearing a dark suit, a light pocket square is highly recommended.
  • Your choice of shoes should always complement the color of your suit.
  • The tip of your tie should be at or just before the buckle of the belt.
  • The color of your tie has to be in contrast with your suit.


  • Never pair a sports watch with your suit.
  • Baggy trousers are always a no-no.
  • Don’t go overboard with accessories. Remember, less is more.
  • If you wear are already wearing suspenders, belts aren’t needed.

The Bottom Line

Suits always come with pants, but not shirts. So, it is best if you will also purchase some dress shirts to pair with your suits. Also, there are many things to consider when it comes to suits, just like the things mentioned above. Once you learned all of these, well then, it is time to suit up!

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