What is an Ascot Cap?

You might have seen a particular cap style, and you didn’t know it is called an Ascot cap. But what is an Ascot cap exactly? Well, the ascot cap is a one-of-a-kind flat hat that differs from the ivy and driver caps you see often. However, once you fully comprehend what it is and how to wear it properly, you will have yet another incredibly fashionable and one-of-a-kind hat to add to your closet. Ready?

What Exactly is an Ascot Cap?

The Ascot cap also referred to as the Cuffley cap or Lippincott cap is a rounded men’s hard hat comparable to the flat cap. Ascot caps are usually made of felt or wool and are known to be worn in the fall or winter. However, there are also leather, cord, tweed, and even Irish Patchwork styles available. The ascot cap is a flat cap constructed of a single wool panel felt molded around with a round form. Because of the shape and the lack of seams in the crown, the ascot hat has a very rounded appearance.

On the other hand, straw Ascots are also available for hot weather. An Ascot of a single color is usually worn with casual clothes of the same color. In another case, those who wear it with a suit match the color with the suit setup.

And unlike a flat cap, the inside of an Ascot is not lined with silk, but the closed design and softness of felt provide comfort and warmth. The design dates back to the 1900s. They were intended to be worn by horse slaughterers. Back then, they allow the men to kill the horse while the blood ran off the domed top and out of the wearer’s eyes.

How to Wear an Ascot Cap

You can opt to wear the ascot hat with a stylish sweater vest and collared shirt, a suit, or other upscale attire for starters. Also, an ascot hat, a good suit vest, and a shirt combo with dress pants always work perfectly.

If you want to look extra stylish, a Guinness ascot style hat will surely add a genuine finishing touch to your best outfits. And because the cap has a Western European vibe, it also goes well with tweed vests and suits, and other luxurious clothing. But it also looks great with jeans and a designer shirt. It looks fantastic too with a leather jacket or a different fashionable overcoat.

You can wear this cap with any outfit that could benefit from a bit of originality, but of course, not too much. Donning this with highly traditional clothing is not recommended unless you want to look truly authentic.

Types of Ascot Hats

Traditional wool felt is used to make some of the most common types of Ascot hats. Some of the more unique and authentic looks, on the other hand, make use of more modern materials. One of the most fashionable new looks is the corduroy ascot cap, termed the Guinness. 

Aside from the corduroy ascot hat, there are also tweed, herringbone, and plaid.

Difference Between Ascot Caps vs. Flat Caps

To begin with, the ascot cap material is more durable than some other low-profile flat caps. It is typically composed of a single panel of wool felt. On the other hand, the Newsboy and Gatsby hats are made of eight stitched-together panels. The ivy and driver hats are made of three sewn-together panels.

The ascot is less common, traditional, and perhaps weary than most of the other flat hats on the market today.

A flat cap is a rounded cap with a short, rounded front brim and soft fabric construction. Flat caps can be made in two different ways, both of which are referred to as flat caps because of the single-piece flat structure of the top of the hat.

Ascot caps, on the other, have a rounded shape that does not change because the felt material is “hard,” allowing it to stay in place. This provides it a cleaner, more distinguished look similar to other designer hats such as the bowler or derby cap. As a result, it is better suited to fancier clothing, such as suits and sweaters. All of these distinctions contribute to a more distinct accent that results in a more structured style.

Best Ascot Caps for Men

There are some great ascot caps that you can still find in the market today. And we listed some of them below.

Kangol Men Tropic 507 Cap

The 507 perfectly melds the classic Kangol cap with the tight fit of traditional baseball hats, making it perfectly stylish and comfortable for daily use. It is also made of a polyester-color fiber blend. It has an elastic closure, making it both great and versatile.

Belfry Ascot Molded Wool Ivy Cap

This four-star rated classic ascot cap is made of 100 percent wool. It will incorporate a plenty classic look to your winter weather wardrobe. This cap offers warmth and a trendy style for a distinguished look. It is very versatile, which is perfect for business day attire or a casual outing.

Clape Ivy Ascot Cabbie Cap

This Clape’s ascot cap is composed of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It has an air layer structure and a cotton sweatband. Aside from that, it has a cushion between your forehead and the hat to reduce discomfort.

Their caps also fit most heads and hairstyles, which is something to be excited about. It has an adjustable button on the back that allows you to customize the fit of the hat. A bill is also attached to the front crown, which protects you from sun glare and sunburn.


This summer ascot hat is appropriate not only for men but also for women. It’s a classic linen-like cool cotton ascot cap with three snap buttons on the back for easy adjustment.

The Bottom Line

Ascot caps may not be very common, but we believe it is still a must-have wardrobe staple for men. You should see it yourself!

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