What Should Men Wear to a Baby Shower?

You might have heard some things about baby showers, but what if you were invited to one? Do you know which clothing piece you are going to pick out your wardrobe?

Usually, girls are likely to be invited to baby showers than men. But even such a party evolved already; that is why men could be invited too. You might be bummed and frantic about your outfit, but don’t worry. We are here to help you and give you some outfit ideas. Ready?

Like any other party, the key to putting-off a great outfit is for you to know the shower theme. In that way, you will be outfit ready, and you will not worry whether you dressed appropriately or not.

The Basics: Men’s Basic Baby Shower Outfit

As we said earlier, your baby shower outfit depends highly on the party’s theme and where it will be held. Is it just a normal party that doesn’t require you to dress up? Or is it more on a formal set-up that will require you to suit up? Is it on the beach or just a simple house party?

If you are still confused about what to wear, we listed the two basic outfit colors you can choose from.


Baby showers, as we mentioned earlier, already evolved as time pass. At this point, during baby showers, people also reveal the gender of their baby. And for every gender reveal and baby shower party, there are always two (2) teams, Team Boy and Team Girl.

To show support to the parents, you can wear blue if you root for the baby to be a boy. You can wear a blue polo shirt or button-down shirt paired with your favorite white chino pants. This ensemble will pass the not-too-casual yet not-too-formal outfit.


Well, if there are members of Team Boy, you can always opt to join Team Girl. If you have a strong vibe that the baby is a girl, it is time for you to wear a light pink polo or button-down shirt. As we all know, there is no harm in wearing pink, as long as you partner it with the right pants and right shoes.

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas for Men

Since we established the basic colors you could wear at a baby shower, we listed some full outfits you can wear to casual or formal parties.

Blue Shirt Casual Outfits

  • For guys who favor effortlessly trendy designs, a tan crew-neck sweater over a light blue shirt paired with light blue jeans is a sartorial fantasy. Shake up this outfit by rocking white low top sneakers.
  • Pair a light blue dress shirt with beige chinos for an ensemble that gives a modern, sartorially-savvy, and casually neat look. For this style, a pair of dark brown suede loafers will surely add some elegant twist.
  • Consider pairing a light blue denim shirt and brown print crew-neck t-shirt with light blue skinny jeans for a bold, casual yet dapper outfit. A pair of white leather low top sneakers are guaranteed to pump a dose of style into your look.
  • If the situation permits a comfortable casual outfit, try matching a light blue long sleeve shirt with black chinos. To automatically dials up your outfit’s wow factor, then a pair of black leather derby shoes is what you need to finish your look.
  • If you want to pull off a seriously stylish yet functional, get up, start pairing a light blue shirt, white polo, and white chinos.  Throw in a pair of red canvas low top sneakers to your ensemble for a more stylish fit.

Blue Shirt Formal Outfits

  • For a brilliant outfit, consider matching a light blue linen long-sleeve shirt with white dress trousers. A pair of tan suede loafers easily step up any outfit’s classy element.
  • For an outfit that’s formally sleek and wow-worthy, wear a light blue dress shirt, navy cardigan, tan double-breasted blazer, and navy jeans. Complete your look with dark brown leather loafers for something more on the classier end.
  • Combining a light blue chambray dress shirt and white chinos will strengthen your versatility in menswear styling.  And a pair of boat shoes in charcoal leather will instantly pump up the fashion element of your outfit.

Pink Shirt Casual Outfits

  • The casual combination of a blue crew-neck sweater, pink long-sleeve, and white chinos is super easy to put together, helping you look dapper and ready for anything without wasting some time searching through your closet. You can round your attire with brown suede loafers, and your good to go.
  • For a trendy and easy-to-create ensemble, you can pair a pink long-sleeve shirt with gray jeans.  Then, you can wear your pair of oxford shoes in dark brown leather to spice things up.
  • We love how a man instantly looks sharp and sophisticated with the combination of a pink long-sleeve shirt and white dress trousers. A pair of brown leather tassel loafers will fit exceptionally well in this outfit idea.
  • For a laid-back and cool style, a pink vertical striped long sleeve shirt and beige chinos are the ones for you. To give your overall outfit a more stylish touch, pair your outfit with brown leather oxford shoes.
  • If you want to look trendy without exerting much effort, wear a hot pink short-sleeve shirt and pair it with white jeans. You can also complete this outfit with a pair of brown leather oxford shoes for some extra polish.

Pink Shirt Formal Outfits

  • Putting together a camel overcoat and pink dress shirt with navy chinos is an on-point choice for an effortlessly elegant look. And if you wonder how your getup can be complemented, you can wear a pair of black suede derby shoes for a glance-stealer outfit.
  • For a neat, sophisticated getup, try matching a navy blazer and pink dress shirt with beige linen dress pants. Black suede double monks here are a safe type of footwear that will cop off the whole look.
  • You’ll be surprised at how simple it is for any guy to put together an effortlessly neat getup. Just a pink blazer, pink dress shirt matched with white chinos is all you’ll ever need to be baby shower ready.  A pair of burgundy leather loafers are the final touch for this stylish outfit.

You can choose to wear something that allows you to match the party colors if pink and blue are not a mandatory dress code. Typically, this can be decided from the invitation, as the decor always coincides with what you will see when you arrive.

When you start digging through your closet or head out shopping to find something to wear, keep the invitation with you, or keep in mind the party’s location.

The Bottom Line

It is best to keep it stylish and comfy if there are no specific dress code demands on the invitation, and you are not interested in dressing according to the theme. You don’t want to be overdressed, nor do you want the couple to be upstaged on their special day.

Apparently, there aren’t stringent guidelines when it comes to baby shower outfits, especially for men. Because at the end of the day, what you choose to wear to a baby shower or gender reveal party is all about what you feel comfortable in. You don’t want to let your closet ruin a lot of fun. So, stick to stuff that makes you feel the best.

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