Is a Barbour Jacket Waterproof?

If there is one iconic piece of men’s outerwear, that is definitely the Barbour jacket. Because of Barbour’s waxed cotton jackets, the brand becomes famous around England and across the globe. Their jackets are actually considered one of the wardrobe staples among English gentlemen. But your question might be, is it really waterproof, just like what it claims to be?

Barbour jackets are built for life outdoors and designed to be weatherproof. So, to answer your question, yes! Barbour jacket, either wax or quilted, has a waterproof property.

But that is not everything about these jackets. Let us know more about Barbour jackets in this article. Let’s go!

What Is Barbour Jacket?

John Barbour founded J. Barbour & Sons Ltd in 1894. It is a British luxury and lifestyle company that designs, produces, and promotes waxed cotton outerwear, ready-to-wear clothing, footwear, and accessories under the Barbour and Barbour International brands.

Founded in South Shields, England, J. Barbour and Sons Ltd is very well recognized for its waxed cotton jackets, a popular clothing component in the British countryside. As such, Barbour’s demand for clothing was strong, keeping all the sailors, fishers, river, dock, and shipyard workers dry. A collection of clothing called Barbour also manufactured the Beacon Brand at the time.

What began as a functional garment for the British countryside has now erupted on campuses and city streets to become a status symbol. Once the temperature starts to fall or the cloud rolls in, the classic styling and preppy appeal make a Barbour jacket the thing to wear.

Barbour Styles and Fits for Men

Barbour jackets come in a range of styles and fits, so when it comes to buying your first jacket, you must be in the know. That is why we listed everything you need about Barbour’s styles and fits to choose from.

Regular Fit

Barbour’s regular fit jackets are designed to accommodate any shape and event. n This style is comfortable enough to pair with walking boots or sneakers, whether you’re out for a country walk or just going to the supermarket.


Lightweight Chelsea-style is under Barbour’s regular fit. It has a full-front zipper with a snap-close packet and a snap in the waist to customize it. For the best fit, just purchase your standard size.

Polarquilt Liner

Polarquilt Liner is designed for a regular fit. This gilet is diamond quilted and can be worn alone or zipped into another Barbour waxed cotton jacket. Again, since this is under the regular fit, you can order or purchase your standard size for the best fit.

Tailored Fit

These jackets are meant to be flattering and hugging, with more emphasis on creating a silhouette. This is the style for you if you are opting for a more fashion-forward outfit.


This jacket fits closer to the body, with a slight trimmer shape. This medium-weight jacket features Sylkoil waxed cotton on the outer. For best fit, buy one to two sizes up than your normal size.


Lowerdale has a warm and sophisticated quilted shell with a collar lining. It is also perfectly weighted to wear as an outer layer or under a jacket. Another great thing about this tailored-fit jacket is that it has side adjusters. And just like Ashby, if you want to get the best fit, purchase one to two sizes up than your normal size.

Relaxed Fit

Relaxed Barbour fit jackets are suitable for when you want to layer below. The casual Barbour style embodies the traditional style with a more generous fit but allows for more flexibility.


This jacket is originally designed for riding in an all-year-round jacket. This design is classic and has a shorter length but is medium-weight. It is also thornproof and has a waxed-cotton outer. For the best fit, buy your standard size or one size down.


Beaufort is not only waterproof but is also weatherproof. It is ideal for all-around use and is definitely one of Barbour’s classic and most iconic. Like with Bedale, you can order Beaufort in your standard size or one size down.

Note: Barbour’s Quilted jackets can actually be washed, as the fabric and materials used to make the jackets are washable, even with machines, and can also be dry cleaned. Every Barbour Quilt jacket will have a care label stitched into the jacket, so before washing, you can check for temperature and aftercare advice written on it.

Why You Should Re-Wax Your Barbour Jacket

Barbour jackets are famous for their good quality. With weather-resistant properties and a coating that improves with age, they remain one of the toughest outerwear pieces on the market. But the durability will decline with any garment when used over time, no matter how good the quality is.

So, in order to preserve the waterproof and protective properties of the jackets, re-waxing is recommended once a year to ensure their durability, waterproof properties, and overall finish. Re-waxing will indeed extend the life span of your jacket.

Your follow up question might be, “how are the jackets re-waxed?” According to Barbour, there is a 4-phase process in re-waxing.

  • First off, each jacket is evaluated by professional operators who can adjust the amount of wax applied depending on the age and condition of the jacket.
  • Next, using a sponge, the wax is applied to the front and back.
  • After that, a good amount of attention is given to the seams. This final check makes it possible for the garment to be completely restored to the best possible quality.
  • Once the first three processes have been completed, the jacket is left to dry for 24 hours.

Re-waxing will amazingly leave you with as good as a new jacket. It will be as resilient and weather-resistant as the day you purchased it. So, don’t forget to get your Barbour jacket re-waxed once a year.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a clothing piece that delivers both function and fashion style, you should not miss out on Barbour jacket. You should definitely get yourself a pair, and re-invent your wardrobe with Barbour.

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